Rize CEO spreading the word – Appsworld, BCMHR & HR Directors International Summit

We’ve got some exciting events coming up for Rize!

It’s not always easy balancing app development and testing with getting the word out about the Rize app..but when it all comes together it’s oh so rewarding!

Recently, the CEO of Rize has been invited to talk at a diverse range of highly prestigious events. Below he writes on the events, opportunities and his own excitement around the future for Rize:

1. Appsworld:appsworld

Arguably the largest, most recognised app conference in the world, Appsworld have asked me to join a panel of experts on the opening day at the main stage. As you can see we’re alongside some very big names in the tech industry so I’m very much looking forward to the day.
Apps world conference – Nov 2015

2. Bedfordshire Centre for Mental Health Research in association with the University of Cambridge:


I’ve got to admit when I was invited to give a talk to the attendees at the globally-recognised event for mental health research I was blown away. It just goes to show that the institutional world of mental health are starting to take mental health technology very seriously. With Rize at the forefront these are very exciting times!

My talk will be on the subject of ‘Bridging the gap between mental health and technology; balancing swift innovation with safety and efficacy.’ inspired by a recent article I came across on TechCrunch. It’s also a subject I’ve been in deep discussion over with MindTech who are doing great work in this area.

To find more details on the event check out – http://www.bcmhr-cu.org/content/programme

3. HR Directors International Summit:


There’s a significantly growing demand around mental health support for staff in the work place. More and more people are suffering from demands at work and balancing this with their personal lives. The result? Stress and lots of it, leading to increased absenteeism, loss of productivity and staff turnover.

Employers are recognising the high costs associated with stress-related issues and they’re looking for a cost-effective way to support their staff that’s also simple to implement.

Due to this demand we’ve been invited to run a workshop at the top-recognised HR Directors International Summity in Prague, Oct 2015. We’ll be attending alongside HR specialists from around the world, including Cambridge University, Vodafone and the BBC.

For more details of the event visit: http://www.hrdevent.com/
All of this is about to happen alongside our BIG LAUNCH on 10th August for the next version of Rize (available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet).

And finally, we have some very exciting news for Rize. In the next few months we will be putting ourselves up on Seedrs – the equity crowdfunding platform. Ever wanted to own part of a leading, innovative technology company? For as little as £10 you will be able to become a shareholder in Rize. We will be looking to raise a minimum of £70k and will be capping the investments at a maximum of £250k!

A lot of exciting events to look forward to in the coming months. I hope you’ll join us for the journey!

John Harper
Founder & CEORize

If you’re an employer or HR Director looking to support your staff take a look at our website or get in touch – www.rizenow.com  |  john.harper@rizenow.com